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Robot IQ Option or BOTs are programs that act directly on the broker’s application, trading automatically without human intervention.

In practice they do all the work that would be done by the trader. But is this allowed? And is it worth trying? Read out everything.

mt4 platform that accepts robots
mt4 platform that accepts robots

Is there an IQ Option Robot?

The answer is yes, there are several companies that develop programs to run on the IQ Option platform.

But are these Robots authorized? And if you use them and the company finds out, what happens?

Read the article to the end and you will find out the truth!

The origin of Trading Robots dates back to the early 2000’s in the Forex market.

In 2001 a Russian software company, Metaquotes, launched an online trading platform for the Forex market.

The success was such that today more than 90% of Forex brokers use this platform.

And the company is nowadays a giant in the world of online trading.

This platform, named Metatrader4 or MT4, quickly took over the market.

One of the features of MT4 is that it allows the use of Robots.

That’s how Robots started to appear on the markets.

Since 2004 Forex Robots have been appearing, and nowadays more than 70% of the trades made in Forex are automatic, i.e. done via Forex Robots.

IQ Option Robot: What are they?

But what are Robots in reality?

A Robot is a software that is linked to a platform or within the broker platform and operates automatically.

This software has access to the account, to the balance of the account and the market.

With this data, the account balance and the market, it analyzes the market and places the operations itself.

Basically, it does everything we do, but in an automatic way, without us needing to do anything.

Some Robots work even if the platform and computer are turned off.

Others only trade if we have the platform open on the computer.

Robots can’t trade on a cell phone, they need a computer, where they are installed.

Only if it is a Robot that works directly inside the platform or is connected by API to an external software, it is not necessary to have it installed on our computer.

IQ Option Robot: The first Binary Option Robots

When Binary Options appeared in 2008, it wasn’t surprising that the market quickly started asking for Robots, as it was something that was common to see in the Forex market.

The first Binary Robots appeared around 2012, which was when this market really started to grow and spread worldwide.

Since Binary Options platforms are simpler and less complex than MT4 for Forex, they were not able to install a Robot inside them.

The option was to create Robots in separate programs that then connected via API to the broker platforms.

This situation was simple, because until the appearance of IQ Option, all brokers used a common platform.

This platform was called SpotOption.

SpotOption as it ‘fed’ almost all Binary Option brokers at the time, was attractive to create Robots that connected to it and allowed automatic trading.

Between 2012 and 2014 a lot of Binary Option Robots appeared working on the platforms of the brokers that used the SpotOption.

As usual, most of them didn’t work well, in the same way it took several years for the Forex Robots on MT4 to start getting results.

Therefore, they appeared and disappeared almost at the same speed.

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IQ Option Robot: The emergence of IQ Option

The appearance of the IQ Option in 2013 was a turning point in Binary Options.

The big difference between IQ Option and existing Binary Options brokers was its platform.

Unlike all the others that used SpotOption, a somewhat rudimentary platform, IQ Option came with its own platform.

This platform had been developed by IQ Option itself and was much better!

It was a much more complete platform, but at the same time lighter.

More functional, more beautiful and simpler to understand.

Soon the broker began to be a success, surpassing all competitors.

But there was a catch.

There was no way to use robots in IQ Option.

First because the broker didn’t allow external software to access its platform.

And because it didn’t have an API that would connect with its platform.

Even so, the platform was so good, that people preferred to use it, even without Robots.

IQ Robot Option: the IQ Robots

With its growing popularity, customer requests for an IQ Option Robot have also increased.

In 2017 the broker will agree to the customer’s order and create a way to allow an IQ Option Robot.

This program was called IQ Robots.

Basically, they created a program that allowed the user to program their own Robot IQ Option, within the platform.

It was a different approach, because it forced the person to:

  1. Develop your own trading strategy
  2. Have technical knowledge to automate your negotiation strategy
  3. Understand how the IQ Robots works
  4. Have time to program an IQ Option Robot
iq option robot the iq robots
iq option robot the iq robots

I confess that I tried to make an IQ Option Robot and never succeeded.

There are several trading strategies. See one of the best strategies for IQ Option, some even very simple to put into practice, but coding with IQ Option was impossible.

Robot creation software was really complicated.

Complicated and totally different from what I was used to, for example with MT4 Forex.

Even those who managed to program an IQ Option Robot with IQ Robots were not successful.

This was because it was possible to use someone else’s IQ Robot Option.

But the program form was so complicated that it was almost impossible to put into practice the ideas we had in mind.

This was probably the reason for the failure of IQ Robots.

IQ Robot Option: the End of IQ Robots

After a little over a year IQ Option abandoned IQ Robots.

One of the reasons that was claimed at the time was changes to the Binary Options Regulation by CySEC.

I recall that IQ Option has always been regulated by this European regulator.

And it is true that in 2018 important changes were made.

All the more so because in 2018, after these changes, many brokerage houses ended up closing for not being able to face the new demands that this regulator imposed.

However, I am of the opinion that the abandonment of IQ Robots was also due to the way it was developed.

The complication of programming almost forced us to be computer programmers.

Many, like me, who even have some programming knowledge, could not make an IQ Robot Option.

I imagine that for a beginner in IQ Option, it was an almost impossible task.

2018 marked the end of the possibility of using an IQ Option Robot.

Try this IQ Option Robot

As already explained at the beginning there are several companies and even some traders that managed to develop Robots to use at IQ Option.

As you will read below, there are several clear rules in using this kind of software.

The IQ Option Robot that we selected for you to test, has the advantage of not going against the rules of the brokerage house and can be used totally free.

IQ Option Robot 1

IQ Tradeasy Robot Option

The IQ Tradeasy Robot is a Robot that is free and is installed on your computer (according to what IQ Option asks for).
Besides that, it puts 1 operation at a time, preventing the high trading frequency, something that the company doesn’t allow either.
Click on the link to know more: IQ Tradeasy

What does the IQ Option say about the use of robots?

The broker rules are clear and should be read before using the platform.

IQ Option allows the use of Robots, but not those that use a high frequency trading.

In practice what the broker requires is that if the user uses a robot, it may not put many operations at the same time and in continuous fashion.

Therefore, if you want to use a robot you have to pay attention to the rules.

So, you will not be able to use some of the robots that exist in the market because they will go against the rules and the company ends up discovering and blocking the account, as it is in the rules and that you can read below.

There are 3 points in chapter 27 – Termination of Contract that are important to read and understand what they mean.

10. In case the Client uses and/or there are indications that lead the Company to reasonably believe that the Client uses different IP addresses from different countries and/or VPN and/or VPS during the course of executing any transactions and/or trades through the Trading Account and/or the provision of the Services. Whether the Client has provided notice to the Company for any change to its IP address and/or of the use of VPN and/or VPS is irrelevant.

It is frequent that when using a software, he has to communicate with the brokerage house platform. And the origin of this software is a server where the robot comes from, so it is normal that the robot will access the account, even being installed on your computer, that the IP changes, no longer being yours. The IQ Option, in point 10 prohibits this.

So if you use a Robot it has to be installed on your computer, using your IP.

12. Where the Company identifies that the Client is involved and/or is using a high frequency trading software with the purpose of manipulating the Company’s systems and/or trading platform and/or has illegally and/or improperly and/or maliciously and/or knowingly gained an unfair advantage over and/or to the detriment of other clients of the Company and/or the Company and/or this high frequency trading software is designed to abuse the Company’s systems and/or trading platform.

This is the most important point, when they talk about high frequency trading software, they talk about what was explained above. So, if you choose to use a robot, be aware that it must be configured to open one operation at a time and not several so as not to be considered as high frequency software.

robot iq option
robot iq option – click to read the source

What happens if I use a high frequency Robot in IQ Option?

The same article 27, in its point 12 clearly explains what happens if I don’t comply with the rules.

Point 14 explains that your account will be blocked, and that your funds will also be blocked I have no right to withdraw your profits.

See below the company’s explanation.

14. Where the Company identifies and/or where the client notifies the Company that his account was accessed in a way that it is considered unauthorized access, the Company reserves the right to block immediately the client’s trading account without prior notification to the client and the client will not be entitled to any profits made during the time that his account was unauthorized accessed.

How does the broker find out that I am not following the rules?

People looking for Robot IQ Option often answer me that they know a lot of people who used robots that didn’t follow the rules and were not caught.

In reality only in the moment that the person is going to draw their profits does the brokerage company analyze the gains to see if there was any kind of manipulation.

As most of the robots win in the training account, but then lose in the real account (YES, 90% of the robots do not earn money), the company never gets to know.

That’s why many people who use them are not discovered, because they simply didn’t have profits, so the company didn’t make the verification that happens when there is a request to withdraw profits.

Robot IQ Option: Conclusion

Today the broker is clear on the subject: Robot IQ Option.

They do not authorize the use of automatic trading software if it makes high frequency operations.

In case the Robot is installed on your own computer and does not put operations in a way to be considered high frequency, it has no problem.

What is an IQ Option Robot?

It is a software that does all the operations automatically. It analyses the market and puts the trades depending on the strategy it has and the configuration that the user has put on it.

Which is the best IQ Option Robot?

There is no better one because it also depends on the configuration the user makes. Remember the rules that were written in this article about the use of robots in the broker platform.

Are there risks in using Robots?

There are risks just as there are risks trading manually. The difference with the use of these programs is that if they don’t have a good configuration they end up bringing big losses to the accounts.

How to choose a Robot?

Ideally choose one that has a free version to test or that is free to use without paying your training account.

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