IQ Option Download – 6 ways to download IQ Option

IQ Option Download – What are the 6 ways to download IQ Option for your cell phone and for PC and Notebook, and which is the best one for you to use?

In this article we will focus on IQ Option download for two types of applications: cell phone and computer. Find out how each one works and how you can download each app for your device and the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

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download iq option
download iq option

IQ Option download for cell phones – 4 ways

The Broker has 4 applications that can run on cell phones and can be downloaded.

Two of these applications are native, present in the Google Play and App Store stores, the first being for Android and the second for Apple network devices (iPhone and iPad).

In addition to these two applications, there are two other non-native applications that the user can download from IQ Option to their cell phone.

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Native apps for mobile:

App IQ Option for Android

The company offers a native application within the Google Play store for all Android cell phones and tablets. This app is native and secure and you can download the IQ Option app within the official store.

The application offers all tools and access to all existing trading markets and products within the portfolio.

IQ Option Download Android App – click on the image below to download IQ Option Android App.

IQ Option Download - 6 ways to download IQ Option 2

App IQ Option for iOS

IQ Option also offers a native application within the Apple network for all iPhone and iPad devices. It is a native and secure application within the official App Store.

For reasons of Apple’s own regulations, not all existing IQ Option products and tools are available in this application for IQ Option download.

It is one of the main reasons for the existence of other applications for IQ Option that you can download to your cell phone and that are not native.

Because unlike the iOS App, they give access to all the tools and markets that the company offers.

IQ Option Download iOS App -Click on the image below to download IQ Option app for iPhone and iPad.

download iq option ios app

Non-Native applications to download IQ Option for mobile:

As already explained, the platform had to develop alternatives to the native apps in the official stores, as not all trading products and tools were available when the user downloaded the app to use.

Therefore, the solution found was the creation of two alternatives:

PWA app

The PWA app was launched in 2019 because at the time the iOS app was not available on the Apple store, and it was a way to find a way for iOS operating system users to use the platform.

The PWA app has the following advantages:

No need to download, because it runs directly from the web

No need for updates as it is always up to date

You have access to the entire product portfolio, in accordance with the regulations of your country

And in addition to all these versions, you can also choose to operate directly in your browser, being on the company’s official website.

IQ Option PWA App -Click on the image below to get the app for PWA.

pwa iq option

App IQ Option X Download APK

IQ Option X is an application that can be downloaded via an APK file and works on Android devices.

It allows users to access the trading of some products or assets that are blocked in many countries, such as trading Binary Options or Cryptocurrency assets.

Unlike traditional vertical apps, IQ Option X is built horizontally, improving the user experience. Horizontal orientation effectively utilizes the width of the screen, providing a wider field of view and allowing for better viewing of graphics.

To download IQ Option X apk you have to go to the website and in the download area choose this application, which you can see in the image below.

Click on the image below to enter the website and download it

IQ Option trading apps to download
IQ Option trading apps to download

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What is the best IQ Option app to download for your cell phone?

Of the 4 applications that run on cell phones, you must know that there are advantages and disadvantages to each of them, and that none is better at everything.

Native Apps – Advantages and Disadvantages

Starting with the native IQ Option apps that run on Android and iOS.

The big advantages are security, as they are applications that are downloaded directly from official stores and, being native, they meet the requirements that each of these stores requires.

The disadvantages of downloading one of these two applications is because they are limited in terms of product and service offerings, due to regulatory issues in the stores themselves or in the countries where the user is.

When IQ Option downloads the official apps from the Google Play and App Store, you will not have access to everything IQ Option offers.

IQ Option’s own apps – Advantages and Disadvantages

The two non-native downloadable IQ Option apps also offer advantages and disadvantages.

On the advantages side, the PWA does not need to download IQ Option as it runs directly in your cell phone’s browser, and therefore there is no security risk when downloading. On the other hand, when running in a browser, you always have the security of the browser you use, which can be better or worse.

The other advantage is that it offers all products and services.

The IQ Option X App to download for Android via APK has the disadvantage that you have to know how to install the app and because it is you to install it and it is not from the official Google or Apple stores, there may always be security problems when downloading and installing it.

The advantages it offers are the horizontal view which is a better solution for trading platforms and being able to offer all the products and assets available on IQ Option.

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IQ Option download for PC or Notebook – 2 ways

Although many users prefer to use mobile apps to trade with, there are also many who prefer to use it on a notebook or PC (Personal Computer).

One of the great advantages of trading on a computer, PC or notebook is the size of the screen, which is much larger than that of a cell phone, meaning we can better see the charts and candles and thus better analyze prices.

This screen size also allows us to have several charts with different assets open at the same time and thus analyze different trading opportunities at the same time, something that we cannot achieve on a cell phone screen due to its size.

Now we explain the two existing ways to download and trade on this type of devices.

PC or Notebook: Windows and mac

IQ Option has an application that can be downloaded to your computer, whether Windows or MAC.

IQ Option Download for Windows

IQ Option application to download on PC or Notebook that runs on Windows. Works with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and later.

It is necessary to have a minimum RAM of 2G but at least 4G is recommended to function optimally.

Ideally, you need to have a graphics card for the graphics to run well.

IQ Option Download for MAC

IQ Option application to download on MAC must have the macOS 10.14 Mojave operating system or higher, a minimum memory of 2G, ideally 4G and a graphics card suitable for OpenGL 2.0.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Downloading IQ Option PC / Notebook

On the side of the advantages of downloading IQ Option and trading in the application on your computer is the stability that the application offers and security.

On the disadvantages side, we need to have the application updated, we need disk space and the PC or notebook has enough RAM for the application to run well.

Web Application for PC or Notebook:

The web application is an application that runs directly in your browser, so you don’t have to download anything to be able to trade.

Unlike all other applications, this one runs directly in your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.) and you won’t have to download anything.

Basically open the IQ Option website in your browser, log in with your details and go to the platform and trade on your PC or notebook directly.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Web Application

The web application offers the advantage of not having to download IQ Option, so the requirements that are necessary for it to work are not necessary, as well as you do not have to download updates.

Furthermore, once you get used to trading on the web application, you can then trade on any other computer or notebook, simply by entering your details into your account.

On the disadvantages side, using the web application in the browser, rather than downloading IQ Option to the computer, consumes data from the browser and slows down other internet browsing.

Also in terms of security, it is less safe to use a browser than to download IQ Option and install everything on your computer.

Problems and Solutions when Downloading IQ Option:

When downloading IQ Option to your computer you may encounter some problems. We leave the most common ones below:

File blocked by antivirus when downloading IQ Option for PC or Notebook

If you encounter this problem, update the antivirus installed on your computer.

Check if you are downloading the official version of IQ Option.

Add IQ Option to the antivirus exceptions list and click IQ Option download again.

Video driver generates error in IQ Option Download

This problem only happens when you download IQ Option to a Windows computer.

If a window appears during the installation process or when launching the application asking you to update the video card drivers, this means that the current drivers do not support the OpenGL configuration used in the application.

To resolve this issue, you need to visit your video card manufacturer’s website (follow the links in the message) and download and install the drivers for your video card.

If you do this and the problem persists, your video card may not support the required OpenGL configuration.

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