What is IQ Option?

IQ Option is one of the best-known trading platforms that offer more than any other trading platform.

More than 500 assets available and several products, like Forex, Binary Options, FX Options, CFDs, Crypto and others, it is the most complete platform on the world.

You can test it for free with its 10.000 USD demo account.

If you choose to deposit, you can deposit as little as 10$ and trade from just 1$.

In this review read more about the conditions and characteristics that distinguish the IQ Option.

2 clients trading in IQ Option
2 clients trading in IQ Option

IQ Option was founded in 2013 as a binary options broker for everyone.

The company’s main features are the low investment amount and the fully flexible trading platform.

The company is headquartered at the Yiannis Nicolaides Business Center, which is located at Agiou Athanasiou 33, 4102 Avenue, Agios Athanasios, Limassol, Cyprus (EU) and also has CySec regulations.

Nowadays, the number of orders executed on the IQ Option platform has already surpassed 3 million.

The broker offers the trader a complete platform with a wide range of different financial assets and products.

I have known this broker since 2013 and they have always tried to improve their service and offer.

With an ever-growing customer base, customer withdrawals are also rising. In 2019 almost 20 million dollars are withdrawn monthly.

iq option desktop trading platform
IQ Option desktop trading platform


  • Headquarters in Cyprus (EU)
  • Broker since 2013
  • You can use small investment amounts (1 $)
  • Deposits from 10 $
  • All in one trading platform
  • 95% High Asset Profit for Binary Options
  • No hidden fees
  • Broker with the largest number of clients in the world

Is IQ Option reliable?

The European-based brokerage firm uses the safest banks for the money customers invest.

IQ Option money is separate from customer funds. By eliminating the conflict of interest, the customer gains this great advantage.

At the same time, your platform has several coding techniques to provide a secure platform.

The trading account is also very secure.

You can use two-factor authentication.

After your login, you will receive a login code via an SMS message on your mobile phone.

You only have access to your account when using your mobile phone. This security option can be enabled or disabled.

  • Regulated in Europe
  • Secure client funds in different banks
  • Regulated Payment Methods
  • Security Options for Your Account

Conflict of interest is a critical topic for most brokers. Not for the IQ Option.

IQ Option hedges its clients’ real market positions for Forex, CFD, and Crypto.

On the other hand, they protect binary options between operators and there is no conflict of interest. In conclusion, the broker is one of the safest companies in the world.

We can, therefore, conclude that yes, the IQ Option is reliable.

Trading Conditions and Offer – Binary Options, Forex, and CFDs

On the trading platform, there are over 500 different assets available. You can trade them with binary options or Forex / CFD.

Also trade stocks, options, ETFs and cryptocurrencies with a minimum value of $ 1.

IQ Option Binary Options and Forex assets
IQ Option Binary Options and Forex assets

The most traded financial product on the platform is Binary Options, learn HERE how they work. You can choose a short timeout period, usually 30 to 1 minute, which is Turbo Options, or known as 60-second Options, up to the normal Binaries that usually start at 15 minutes and can go to the end of the month.

IQ Option gives the trader the flexibility to develop their own trading style.

Binary Options asset profit is, compared to other brokers, very high!

With a normal account, you sometimes get over 90% return.

The VIP account gives you 5-20% more return.

With IQ Option trade Forex, CFDs and Bitcoin with spread less than 1.0 pip. The spread depends on your asset and the market condition.

In addition, you can trade with a maximum leverage of 1: 1000.

This is very high, but you can change leverage before each trade.

In conclusion, IQ Option makes a very reliable impression for me.

The asset range is quite high and the rates are at the lowest point compared to other brokers.

Is the IQ Option Platform the best on the market?

IQ Option offers a unique trading platform for browser, desktop, smartphones, and tablets.

The IQ Option platform is flexible and very customizable. The purpose of IQ Option is to make trading very simple.

Beginners learn how to use the IQ Option platform within minutes.

It’s an all-in-one platform because IQ Option offers so many opportunities to invest in the financial markets.

You get access to a wide variety of features with just a few clicks. Transactions are clearly shown on the IQ Option platform for transparency to be given.

Use different types of popular charts and indicators for your own strategy.

You can customize the graphic yourself. Multicharts for better analysis are available.

It would be great if I showed all the options on this page. Just predict the price direction of the asset and open your first trades.

You can always trade a long or short position.

In conclusion, IQ Option obtained one of the best trading platforms compared to other brokers.

IQ Option trading platform

In addition, the platform is available as a desktop, smartphone or tablet app.

The broker says that the application for the computer is much faster than the web version.

The companies’ portfolio is complete with mobile trading for its clients.

Benefits of the IQ Option Platform:

  • All in one platform
  • Multigraph
  • A wide range of indicators
  • Flexible and customizable
  • For desktop, browser, smartphone, and tablet (apps)
  • Fast Trade Execution

Charts and Analysis on the IQ Option Platform

To do your analysis, it is important to use the graphs. You can apply different strategies in the trading platform.

To get results you have to have a set of good strategies for IQ Option.

In this article, we explain several strategies that work well on the IQ Option platform.

Read the article here.

In IQ Option you have 4 different chart types available.

You can customize them with colors and time periods.

Settings are automatically recorded by the platform or you can do that.

IQ Option charts on the trading plaform
IQ Option charts on the trading plaform
  • Lines
  • Candles
  • Bars
  • Heikin-ashi

Use more than 18 different periods. You can use between a 5-second chart and a 1-month chart.

The diversity of options is very large on the platform. The broker always tries to improve his offer to his clients.

Another point to mention is the graphical tools and indicators.

Use more than 5 different graphical tools (included line, trend line, horizontal line, vertical line and Fibonacci lines).

Technical analysis works reliably in markets and is used for over 100 years of financial trading.

In addition, graphic tools are customizable within colors and thicknesses. For example, you can lock them and they will not be moved in the future.

Trade with over 20 different technical indicators. Features are available on the mobile app as well.

The most popular indicators are the moving average, Bollinger Bands, RSI and ATR.

In conclusion, the broker provides a wide variety of different analysis tools for your trading success. Another big advantage is that they are customizable.

There are different widgets to customize your trading platform.

View the current buy/sell ratio for the selected asset with Traders Mood. You can generate different trading ideas because of this. In addition, you can see other traders trading on the chart.

In my opinion, this can be a motivation for your trading. In addition, pop-up news is available directly on the chart. The news depends on your chosen asset.

IQ Option how does it work?

The IQ Option works in a way that is very simple and easy to understand.

The broker offers a vast amount of financial products to trade in its markets.

Without a doubt, the most popular product is the binary options IQ Option. From my experience, she is one of the best brokers to trade binary.

Binary options are the most traded product on the platform and in this section, I will explain how they work.

To make a profit in Binary Options, you have to correctly predict market movement.

Risk and profit are limited. The expiration time is something specific to Binary Options.

You have to choose between different time periods. It can be long or short term.

Trading will close automatically upon expiration. You will bet on the rise or fall of the market price of a particular asset.

The price at the end of the expiration time must be less than or greater than the entry point.

What is the best strategy to IQ Option?

There are a lot of diferent strategies out here. Some are technical, some are fundamental.

Each one has its own rules and systems.

No strategy works 100% all the time.

In this page you can know more about the best strategy to IQ Option.

Is it possible to use Robots in the IQ Option?

One of the tools most sought after by IQ Option customers is robots.

A robot is software that automatically trades on the account, replacing the trader.

The advantage is that the person no longer has a job, but on the other hand there are other risks and some brokers simply do not accept the use of robots.

Know the position of the broker regarding the use of Robots in the IQ Option.

How to trade Binary Options in IQ Option?

Example: EUR/USD  with 9o% profit

Anticipate the price direction of the asset over a given period of time and invest as much money as you wish.

If you invest, for example, $ 10 and make the right forecast, you will earn the investment and receive a payment of $ 19 where $ 10 is the return on investment and $ 9 is the profit you make.

It is very easy to understand and you can practice on the demo account.

Profit is fixed by the broker and the price variation, whether high or low, does not influence profit.

In FOREX, CFDs, Stocks or Cryptocurrencies the profit is dependent on your forecast of market movement. But the more markets move in their expected direction, the more profit you will make.

You can open and close the transaction at any time and limit your risk by setting a stop loss value.

Similarly, you can set automatic profit gain by taking a profit. These options are on the platform.

IQ Option offers a wide range of materials for you to study, whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader.

In addition to Binary Options, the brokerage firm also offers Digital Options that are very similar but can offer gains up to 900%. The expiration time is 5 minutes and offers some unique and very attractive attributes.

This product is exclusive of the IQ Option platform.

How to trade Forex on IQ Option?

FOREX is one of the most preferred markets worldwide. It is the market where there is the largest trading volume, with over 5 trillion dollars every day.

In IQ Option FOREX is traded differently compared to the normal FOREX brokers. In this article, you can learn about the differences.

You can trade different currencies against each other. There are currently over 174 currency pairs available on the trading platform.

FOREX has a leverage of up to 1: 1000. This means you can multiply your investment by over a thousand times.

Before placing an operation, you can choose the leverage you prefer.

If the currency is in the indication you bet, you will make a profit at every moving point in the market.

Unlike Binary Options, there are no expiration times and other rules.

Stop loss and take profit are essential tools for FOREX trading as they automatically close trading at a price you specify.

You can manage your business risk.

  • Over 100 Different Forex Pairs
  • Low spreads
  • High liquidity
  • Leverage up to 1: 1000

How to trade stocks and CFDs in IQ Option?

Stocks and CFDs are popular products such as FOREX. You can choose from any of 10 different stock exchanges around the world, and IQ Option constantly improves diversity.

You can choose long or short on stocks and ETFs. And there is a multiplier available.

The actions are very sensitive to the news. With the economic news calendar, you can create trading ideas on the platform.

ETFs are like stock collection and we operate on the stock exchange.

You can create a portfolio with them. Shares and ETFs trade as CFDs (contracts for difference).

You do not need to buy the underlying asset to make a profit.

You can purchase the contract on any asset you prefer.

The advantage is that you can use short and still use a multiplier to increase your profit.

  • Stocks, Commodities, Metals, Cryptocurrency, etc
  • Low and competitive spreads
  • Leverage up to 1: 500
  • Short negotiation is available

How to trade Bitcoin in IQ Option?

2017 and 2018 were the years of the new Cryptocurrencies in general and Bitcoin in particular.

It was a big investment trend. In 2018 the market fell sharply.

With the IQ Option, you can trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on the rise or fall.

And this is not possible on most trading platforms.

Invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and more directly on the platform.

There are currently 24 Crypto coins available at IQ Option.

Another big advantage is the multiplier/leverage for Crypto coins.

For example, a 100x Bitcoin multiplier is allowed. And this is huge leverage.

Then you can profit more from small price variations in the market.

In addition, overnight rates are not applied for trading uncredited cryptocurrencies.

Finally, IQ Option is one of the best platforms for trading Cryptocurrencies, with the ability to invest your money quickly and securely.

IQ Option Platform Leverage and Multiplier

IQ Option offers great leverage for some of the financial products they have available.

This leverage will depend on the asset you trade. The maximum leverage is 1: 1000.

And that value means that if you invest $ 1 you will be trading the $ 1000 value in the market.

For this reason, different strategies are possible to apply. In my view, a multiplier is an excellent tool for dilating your profits.

For a small number of investments, a multiplier will be indispensable.

With the IQ Option, you can change the multiplier value in each trade. And this is a huge advantage when compared to other brokerages.

Trading on IQ Option with your Mobile

More and more people use their cell phones for everything, whether it’s a tool for navigating, communicating with others, interacting, but also working.

And IQ option offers several apps to download to your phone. Just go to your store and look for “IQ Option” and download the app.

Recently, the PWA app, which is an app that runs in your browser and does not require installation, works on all phones.

It is amazing how mobile APP is flexible and smooth as is the browser and desktop trading platform.

If you have an Apple device, binary options are prohibited in the AppStore, but you can still trade FOREX, CFDs and Cryptocurrencies in the IQ Option app.

Within the app, you can also enjoy chatting directly with other traders or with support from IQ Option.

This is a good way to improve your results or just ask questions.

There is no difference in executing trades in the application or online platform.

IQ Option mobile platform
IQ Option mobile platform

Learn how to trade with your Free Demo account

IQ Option’s free demo account is especially important for those just starting out so they can practice trading without the risk of losing money.

This account has virtual money, so you trade without risk.

IQ Option offers a free unlimited virtual account. And with just one click you can exchange real account and demo account.

It’s the simplest and easiest way to sign in to IQ Option through the free demo account. Simple and easy.

There are no differences between the demo and the actual account. I tested and the conditions are the same. An experienced trader can hone their demo account strategies.

Within the platform, you can also watch learning and analysis videos, as well as IQ Option tips.

The demo account has $ 10,000 of dummy funds. That’s a good amount to test whatever you want on the platform.

If you make some losing trades, you can get back to the starting capital with one click.

Even if you access the live account, the demo will always be available. The demo account and real account login are the same.

By logging in to IQ Option, you can decide whether to trade in the demo or real account.

In short, IQ Option offers one of the best demo accounts on the market.

  • Unlimited
  • Free and no hidden fees
  • $ 10,000 demo account

How to open a Real Account on IQ Option?

The actual account is parallel to your demo account. With one click, you can jump between them. For your registration, you only need your name, email, and password.

Opening an account takes just 30 seconds. After this registration, you can login to the platform and start practicing on the demo account or choose to deposit your first money.

You can trade without verifying your account.

However, I recommend you do verification before you start investing real money, as withdrawals without verification are not allowed.

Just upload a few personal documents and your account will be verified and approved in less than 24 hours.

For starters, there is a complete tutorial on the IQ Option platform. For more information, you can ask support via chat.

  • Check-in less than 24 hours
  • Possibility to change between demo and real
  • Quick support for your questions

Deposits and Withdrawals at IQ Option

In this section, we will look at deposit and withdrawal options.

In my experience, the IQ Option payment system is one of the best.

Firstly, you have the possibility to start with a small investment of 10 $.

There are different payment methods for deposit and withdrawal.

Traders must be able to put funds into their account.

Withdrawals are processed in less than 24 hours.

IQ Option is no scam because I often get my money and know many other traders who have done the same.

In conclusion, the brokerage firm offers the best service.

You can use credit cards, E-wallets, cryptocurrencies or bank transfer to make your deposits and withdrawals.

IQ Option deposit methods
IQ Option deposit methods

The deposit methods that are available are:

  • Bank transfer
  • Credit Cards (Mastercard / VISA)
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Qiwi
  • AdvCash
  • AstroPay
  • Billet

Regardless of the form of deposit or withdrawal at IQ Option, it will be safe to do so.

IQ Option Deposit Bonus:

There are currently no bonuses for depositing customers. In the past, that has been.

These days, the broker has excluded bonuses because only a few customers have used this option.

I am of the opinion that a successful and professional trader does not need any bonuses to make a profit.

Fees at IQ Option

Are there any hidden charges? No, there are no hidden fees from you.

Withdrawals and deposits are without fees, except for withdrawals by bank transfer, there is a $ 50 payment for each withdrawal.

In addition, there are some fees for trading instruments and an inactivity fee:

Binary Options: No Trading Fee

Digital Options: No Trading Fee

FOREX, CFDs, Equities, Crypto Currencies: You always have to pay the market spread of the asset. And the spread amount will depend on the asset. By way of example, assets that are most popular have a smaller spread. It is the difference between the purchase price and the market selling price. IQ Option accepts this fee to earn money and receive payment. Compared to other brokers, this spreading rate is very low. Sometimes IQ Option makes a special event with even smaller spreads. The usual spread is between 0.010 and 0.030% when trading FOREX. You can always see the spread rate clearly on the trading platform.

Leverage: Leverage is borrowed money. If you hold an open position for more than one day where you have a multiplier, you will be charged an overnight fee. This rate depends on the asset and the value of the multiplier. You can see the rate on the platform or you can ask support for assistance.

Inactivity Fee: IQ Option charges a fee for your inactivity after 90 days. The fee is 50 $. If your account balance is zero they will not be able to charge you this fee.

VIP Accounts

The VIP account is only available to customers residing outside the European Union.

To qualify, you need to make a deposit of $ 1900 or have a trading volume of $ 150000 within a 3 month period.

VIP account gives more return

Increasing profit is a big advantage in binary options. You will earn more money in each trade.

The profit increase is between 5 and 21%, depending on the asset you are trading. Within the platform, you can see the return on investment on the symbol next to the asset.

Another added benefit is VIP training. You will have access to different PDFs that are only available to VIP customers.

You will also be able to contact your VIP account manager directly. The support you are given is excellent and they care about you.

Finally, a VIP account is a good option for more profit and knowledge so that trading success is even greater.

Robots and Signals for IQ Option

IQ Option does not provide robots or automatic trading.

Also, it is very difficult to create a robot because they have their own unique platform.

The regulation also complicates the use of robots.

In the past, the brokerage firm even had a way of creating and configuring a robot on its own platform, but it was a complicated and cumbersome system and did not have much adherence. It was the IQ Option Robots.

There is also no official signal service from the broker.

However, there are some professional traders who have created IQ Option Signals.

Trader support and customer service review

Being a reputable broker, customer service is also good at IQ Option.

Support is available 24 hours a day by phone, chat or email.

For beginners, there is a large learning center with over 200 videos.

As already mentioned, there are account managers and VIP managers who help you better understand the platform.

IQ Option offers analytics and news to help you trade every day.

You have direct access to market news within the platform itself.

Finally, the support and support given by IQ Option to the customer is very good, with a special advantage for 24-hour chat support.

The IQ Option in the World

IQ Option is a global company, present worldwide.

It is present in over 200 countries on 5 continents.

It has about 50 million registered customers.

The platform is translated into the world’s major languages.

Support is also provided in major languages.

The main countries where IQ Option does not accept customers due to regulatory limitations are the US, Iran, Israel, Australia, Canada, North Korea, Japan, Latvia, Syria, Cyprus, and Russia.

Is the IQ option legitimate? – Scam Or Not – My Review

IQ Option is interesting for both beginners and more experienced traders.

We can really consider that IQ Option is not a scam, on the contrary, it is a safe company.

It is a trusted European broker for Binary Options trading, FOREX, CFDs and more.

To summarize, it is a brokerage firm that offers a wide range of financial products to its clients.

Firstly, I recommend that you try the demo account.

You will be surprised at the trading performance and its quality.

We are talking about a platform that is unique and one of the largest of all it finds in this financial market.

I can safely say that IQ Option is one of the most popular brokerages in the world.

This analysis shows the facts and a lot of information about the broker.

IQ Option pays all its customers as long as they comply with the rules of the company and the regulators of the financial markets.

I think you are now ready to invest safely in the platform, applying for your money well to become a successful trader.

Here’s how we Summarize the Advantages of IQ Option:

  1. European Broker
  2. Regulated by Europe
  3. 24-hour support
  4. You can start the investment with an amount of 10 $
  5. 500+ different assets
  6. A wide diversity of financial products
  7. All in one (excellent) platform
  8. 100% + High Profit
  9. Read here some of the frequently asked questions about IQ Option.
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